Red Wine Menu

House Wine

House Wine available per Glass €5.20


J Moreau & Fils Rouge €14.99

Fruitalising aromas of red berries along with a soft spicy flavor. Ideal accompaniment for meats especially red meat, poultry & cheeses.


J Moreau & Fils Merlot €14.99

Dry & smooth texture of 100% merlot grape. Soft & fruity, easily- drinking light bodied red wine. Try with chicken, grilled meats & lightly spiced dishes.

 Wine Cellar Red


Chianti Marchesini €17.99

Full bodied dry. Flavours of cherry & blackberry. Long finish.


Faustino V11 €17.49

Rich oak aged red wine with smooth vanilla & ripe strawberry fruit overtones. A good
accompaniment to stews, roast lamb, pork, 
seasoned game, red meats & cured cheese.


Canta Rita 120 Cabernet Sauvgnon €15.49

A smooth cabernet sauvignon full of cassis &black cherries, complemented by hints of
moch & dark chocolate.


McPherson’s Cabernet Sauvignon €13.99

Cabernet with rich fruit flavours of blackcurrant & cassis along with subtle chocolate & mint. French oak maturation adds a toasty complexity.

 White Wine Menu

House Wine

House Wine available per Glass €5.20


J Moreau & Fils Blanc €14.99

Refreshing balanced dry wine with notes of citrus fruits. Lovely as an aperitif or with
any type of fish & sea food.


J Moreau & Fils Sauvignon Blanc €14.99

Dry crisp & very fruity. Fresh aromas, clean  tasting & an easy drinking style. Try with chicken, grilled meats & lightly spiced dishes.

 Wine Cellar White


La Castelia Pinot Grigio €13.99

It is a stunning Citrus flowery wine which will delight your pallet on its own or with light food.


Faustino V11 €17.49

A light fruits crisp wine which will excite the pallet. Great with pastas and light salads.


Santa Rita 120 Sauvignon Blanc €15.49

Crisp &youthful citrus blossom & peach. Fruity & Floral  fresh character.


McPerson’s Sauvignon Blanc €13.99

Fresh & Crisp. Citrus aromas of pineapple & grapefruit


Prosecco Rose €19.99

 Spumonte Brut (Prosecco) €16.99

 Or simply choose from our Off Licence.

Ask the waiter to bring you there and decide what you would like.

full list of our wines in off licence will be ready in the next week 




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